Pt 2: How Amber Frost Weathered an Affair and Came Out Stronger

By November 22, 2017Episodes, Relationships, Religion

How did Amber find the courage and grace to stay with Tim after his affair?

Amber’s husband Tim cheated on her five years ago. These days, she is healthier than ever, as is their marriage. How does one find the courage to stay with someone who cheated on them? And does one pull that off without flushing their own needs and wants down the toilet?

One of the most inspiring parts of Amber’s story is the increased mental health she has gained since the affair. Amber talked about the importance of listening to your intuition, expressing emotions, and giving yourself the permission to ask for what you need and want inside of marriage. She also parses out the difference between forgiveness and trust and shares how long the healing process is.

If you haven’t heard Tim’s side of the story, I recommend starting there.

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