Pt 1: How Tim Frost’s Affair Reoriented His Faith

By November 9, 2017Episodes, Relationships, Religion

Tim Frost's fear of hell laid the groundwork for his affair...Which is kind of the opposite of what the fear of hell is supposed to do, right?

This is Part I. In Part II we will be speaking with Tim’s wife, Amber Frost.

In this episode, we spoke with Tim Frost about an affair he had five years ago, and what it’s done to his faith – and his marriage – since.

Tim was raised in a fundamentalist evangelical Christian context which had far-reaching consequences on his mental health. We talked about how, over the years, Tim had become so efficient at dealing with the constant shame brought about by his religion, that he eventually became numb enough for an affair to seem inconsequential.

“Someone referred to it as Dead Man Walking; I knew at some level that this whole thing was not real and that it was all going to fall apart, and that when it did my life would implode. But it just never connected on a cerebral level.”

We went on to discuss how he and Amber stayed together, the importance of mental health, and how reconstructing his marriage gave him the courage to deconstruct his faith. And that last topic is where we spent much of our time.

In spite of the heavy topic, this conversation was joyful, and I believe much of that can be attributed to the freedom Tim and Amber have achieved through hours of dedication and work.

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